The family business was officially opened in 2002, however, as we haw already stated, this was based on many years of dedicated and meticulous work on the recipes we use today. Today, we are proud to present our product palette of twelve tasty brandies and liqueurs, which have quickly found their way to numerou satisfied consumers on the Croatian and foreign markets. Our product function as a premium gourmet experience, as well as a premium gift for all occasions, due to their elegance and simplicity of our packaging. In only three years, vie have become a recognizable ‘brand’ on the market. In addition to these alcoholic beverages, we have also begun produce dried fruits, which are also wrapped in attractive packaging, it order to bring our range of products doser to consumers.



By studying medieval blooming of grape brandy production which was reffered to by many names: vine water, fire water and water of life we have achieved pristine quality for our products. Brandy was in the beginning produced by alchemists and apothecaries, because up to 15th century it was considered a medicine and was associated with supernatural powers of rejuvenation and extending the lifespan. Various wars and epidemics have contributed to production of brandy. From our written history there are records that claim ancient Slavs have produced mead and have in fact brought that habit with them to Balkan peninsula in 7th century.


Perković family is counted among the elite circle of small producers who with their brandies display real and noble nature of fruit brandies. Only brandies which bolster on enchanting essence of smell and fruit taste can return its original reputation and dignity.



Our products have exceptional quality, are handmade, contain no additives and as such preferred choice of every brandy and liqueur lover. Great attention is paid to packaging design with the goal of creating recognizable brand. In pursuit of this goal we have started cooperation with young design team “Hand design”. Together we have envisioned interesting ellipsoid bottles marked with famous Croatian inventors in which we fill fruit brandy. This packaging found great esteem among our customers as well as with member of the CroPack 2005. jury (contest of Croatian designers) where we have been awarded golden medal.



We have proved ourselves as excellent producers of homemade brandy, dried and canned fruit on domestic and international markets. Our success is not a result of aggressive marketing strategy or personal connections, but due to high quality of our products. For exceptional quality we have been awarded the title of Croatian product, reserved only for products worth exporting to European Union.

Three kinds of alcoholic drinks in shot glasses

Let us also mention the prizes from the Zagreb County Brandy Exhibition in 2005, where all our nominated brandies received commendations, including Gold medal – pear brandy Vijamovka and carob/Rogač, Silver medal – plum brandy/Šljivovica, apple brandy/Jabukovača and herb-flavored brandy/Travarica, Bronze medal – fig brandy/Smokovača

At the prestigious international competition Wine Ljubljana 2006 our pear brandy/viljamovka, plum brandy/šljivovica and fig brandy /Smokovača were awarded a gold medal in the category of strong alcoholic drinks in competition with more than 40 producers of brandies and alcoholic drinks from 20 countries. In the same category Plum Brandy Perković was named Champion of the event as the best strong drink at the competition.

At international competition Wine Ljubljana Morlačka krv has been awarded silver medal in category Liqueurs. Porcelain bottle Orahovac Dubrovnik has been awarded “Silver bell” (second place) at Golden Bell competition in Opatija.

At the largest Croatian designer contest “CRO-PACK” we have been awarded first place in category product series for our new 0.5L bottle design.

At “Best of the best” competition that was a part of “EKO ETNO” manifestation we have been awarded gold medal for liqueurs Morlačka krv and Maraskino, silver medal for brandy Travarica, Smokovača, Rogač and Viljamovka. We have also earned numerous recognitions for the design of our products.

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